• Eden Wilder

A little love letter...

For the ones who fit out and not in. 

For the ones who want to be fully alive. 

For the ones reading by the light of a kindle with a little person's foot in their face.

For the ones whose brains never stop, except maybe... for a story. 

For the ones who love LOVE.

For the ones who need community and friends, and can't always get to them. 

For the ones who don't always feel like the real world is the only world. For the worlds inside us, the hypothetical, the alternate reality "what ifs", the characters and stories that come to life on the page. 

For the idealists, the dreamers, the lonely, the creatives, the peacekeepers, the offbeat. ​

Thanks for gathering with me. I'm honored. Namaste -Eden Wilder

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