The old ladies love him, the town loves him, the universe loves him… could yarn shop owner Drew have the magical touch she needs?


Audrey has been given more than she deserves, like the now-failing bookstore passed on from her quirky aunt. Buried beneath the heavy cloud of expectations, she hasn’t yet decided who she is. Does she even want the life she has?

When Audrey becomes entangled with Drew, the new outgoing yarn shop owner, change is bound to happen…


Drew was his grandma’s favorite and inherited her extensive yarn collection. He’s excited to begin a yarn shop in her honor, but never could’ve anticipated the spark he’d feel with the bookstore owner next door.


Will the man with knitting needles in his hands help Audrey unwind the mess that is her life?


Free novella


He’s loyal to his family, her best friend’s brother, he’s good with his hands, and oh, Mark’s been in love with her forever. Can Dani finally see what’s always been in front of her? 


Dani is in-between jobs with a yogi side hustle and vibing for a change in her life. Little does she know, the universe is getting ready to throw a wrench in her serene plans. Can she handle the past showing up? 


Mark is a contractor suffering from a severe case of wanderlust when the news of coronavirus starts to spread. What better time to get out in nature? When he schedules to see an RV, he has no idea what’s behind that metal door. When all the feelings for his best friend’s sister come rushing back, he has to decide if he’ll be brave this time, or let her slip through his fingers forever. 



A HEA/HFN quarantine romantic comedy. COVID-19 is part of the setting of this short story, but is not a heavy focus. 


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